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Apr 26 2014 Jeanie Bond's Candidate BBQ, Jeanie and Davied Bond's, 11602 Strom Rd, in Dickinson,Texas
May 03 2014 Women's Trailblazer Brunch, Wayne Johnson III Community Center, La Marque/TX
May 19 2014 Democratic Party Primary Runoff Early Voting Election, See event description for location, Event/Texas
May 27 2014 Democratic Party Primary Runoff Election. , See event description for location, Event/Texas
Jun 26 2014 Texas Democratic Party State Convention, See event description for location, Event/Texas
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Chairman's Report and Information



By Lloyd Criss


Women's Trailblazer Brunch


May 3, 2014, 9:30am, Women's Trailblazer Brunch, Wayne Johnson III Community Center, Carbide Park, FM 519, La Marque, TX 77568.  Guest List: Amber Mostyn, Hon. Gladys Burwell, Hon. Patrica Gray, Hon. Penny L. Pope and Marsha Galvan.  Democratic Women of Galveston County  is responsibile.

To attend the Women's Trailblazer Brunch, May 3, 2014,  

You can use the Act Blue link or send a check made out to "Democrats", addressed to Galveston County Democratic Party, P.O. Box 519, La Marque, Texas 77568. 


I.  Important Democratic Party Information, Dates and Links:
a.   Join us on Facebook for Galveston County Information at:   


None at this time.


The local political clubs are all going strong with plenty of activities.  New people who wish to become politically active and make a difference are encouraged to join the local county democratic club of your choice or area.  Your input is welcome.  Information on where, why and how to join is provided in this web site.

Local Campaign Headquarters will open throughout the County in early Fall, 2014.  Watch for information about where to pick up candidate materials.  Please volunteer to work in a headquarters near you.

We have many other exciting events planned in the future in 2013-2014 that will be featured in upcoming reports.  Watch our County calendar!

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The Galveston County Democratic Party (GCDP), is the most active county Democratic organization in the state. Galveston County has been a Democratic county for more than a hundred years. We have a bright future. We care deeply about individual and civil rights, education, access to the court system, and fair pay for workers. Please join us to make our county and state a better place to live and work for all Americans.